Porter-Cable PCC606LA Review

Porter-Cable PCC606LA Review
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Porter-Cable PCC606LA

Image result for Porter-Cable PCC606LAPorter-Cable is a rather well-known brand of power tools that offers quality at a reasonable price. With many of their basic tools going for under $100, there’s a good reason why Porter-Cable is such a popular brand. You won’t be disappointed in the cost-effectiveness of a Porter-Cable power tool, and the PCC606LA lives up to the Porter-Cable name. A few of its most distinct features are:

  • Integrated LED
  • Battery Gauge
  • High-Performance Motor

You’ll never be in the dark with this drill, as it sports an integrated LED light for drilling in darker places. Another thing that keeps you out of the dark is the battery gauge, which makes it so that you never need to wonder how much battery you’ve got left. This is actually a somewhat uncommon feature in cordless drills believe it or not. It also has a high performance 330UWO motor, making it capable of tackling any drilling easily.

The only drawback about this drill is that it only comes with a single battery. However, the battery life on it is substantial and it does have a meter for you to determine the remaining power so the real downside to this can be negated by simply paying close attention to your battery life. Paying attention to your battery life will actually help the drill function better as well, as any tool functions best at full battery.

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Battery Life8
Low Weight9
Compact Size9

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