Black & Decker LDX 120C Review

Black & Decker LDX 120C Review

Black & Decker LDX 120C

Image result for Black & Decker LDX120CBlack & Decker is a familiar household company that we’ve all bought things from. The familiarity of this brand is largely due to the variety of different products they make, but also because of how well they make their products. The LDX 120C is another one of their great products, with several features and advantages that actually put it ahead of its competition. Here are a few of its key features:

  • Lithium Ion 20-volt battery
  • 11 Position clutch
  • Small and Lightweight

Having a drill with a reliable battery is extremely important as you don’t want it dying on you at the most inopportune moments. The 20-volt lithium ion battery in this drill is light, holds a significant charge and doesn’t have memory. That means when you forget it on the charger overnight, you don’t over charge and damage the battery. Its 11 position clutch allows you to hone your focus in multiple different ways, making drilling into different materials much easier. On top of that its compact, lightweight design makes it even easier to use, never feeling like a chore.

One issue with this drill is its lack of power, due to its small size. However, unless you’re bringing it onto a construction site, this shouldn’t be a problem. Its small and compact size may make it a little weaker, but it’s still strong enough to get the job done and light enough that it doesn’t even feel like a job.

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Battery Life8.5
Low Weight8.5
Compact Size9

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