Dewalt DCD780C2 Review

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Dewalt DCD780C2 Review

If you in the market for a new drill, reliability, comfort and power are paramount. The new Dewalt DCD780C2 20V cordless drill has these attributes in spades.



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Innovation and Functionality

The Dewalt DCD780C2 is filled with advanced features and technology that makes the drill extremely flexible and versatile. Whether you are a woodworker, commercial builder or are a weekend fix-it warrior, the DCD780C2 is comfortable enough for extended use and durable enough to finish any job regardless of difficulty. The quality features that the Dewalt DCD780C2 drill possesses will make it a featured part of your arsenal for years to come:

Power and Durability

The DCD780C2 features advanced electronics that help provide maximum life by safeguarding against overheating and overloading during prolonged use. The unit features a 20-volt lithium/ion battery that provides more runtime. Additionally, the DCD780C2 possesses a high-efficiency motor that can produce 350 unit watts of sustainable power.

Maximum Comfort

The Dewalt DCD780C2 design features a slimmer handle and an ergonomic contoured grip that provides users the comfort they need when performing extended jobs. Weighing in at 3.4 pounds and measuring 7.5 inches in length, the drill is also smaller than other cordless drills on the market.

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The DCD780C2 from Dewalt features great accessories that make its’ use easier for the do-it-yourself person in your household. The drill comes with both belt hook and bit holder that are installed on either side of the tool just above the battery. If you purchase the kit version, it includes both a battery charger and two 1.5Ah compact 20V batteries. You also have the option of purchasing a multi-battery charger as an accessory. 

What to like about the Dewalt DCD780C2 20V Kit:

Pros and Cons

 Extremely lightweight and compact compared to other cordless drills on the market.

 Extremely powerful and less susceptible to motor failure and overheating.

 The LED displays are extremely bright


 While the LED display is bright, it’s positioning on the drill can make it hard to see for some users.

 The DCD780C2 is mostly made of plastic and could be vulnerable to damage with long-term heavy use.

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Battery Life9.5
Low Weight8.5
Compact Size9

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The Dewalt DCD780C2 is an excellent choice in cordless drill for those who perform light to medium scale projects that you may have around your home. If you are new to the world of cordless drills and looking for a first drill that combines power with comfort, the DCD780C2 should be at the top of your list. With its 20 V battery, you are able to tackle multiple projects around the house and have both power and battery life to spare.

The Dewalt name is synonymous with both quality and versatility, and the DCD780C2 has these attributes in spades. With its compact size, power, and comfort the Dewalt DCD780C2 will be a constant presence on your toolbelt. Best of all, the Dewalt DCD780C2 is easy on the pocketbook and its solid construction means that you will get years of service for your investment.

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